Wednesday, 6 June 2012

No stripper heels to work (or, how to tell the difference between a skank and a suit)


About four months ago I started my first full-time job.  Most days I love dressing for work, but occasionally there are mornings where I sleep through the alarm, run out of stockings or simply can't seem to work it all out.  So I have decided to start a blog, and in it I aim to offer you a guide.  A few handy hints to help make your wardrobe work for you.  I want to get you turning heads at the photocopier as well as at the Ivy.  To help you decide when to save, when to buy and when to leave it on the rack.   And to help avoid the mornings when you find yourself late for work, with unwashed hair, and heels stuck in the cracks in the pavement on Martin Place.

But most of all, my goal is to help you discover that there is a world of corporate attire beyond the black suit. And that dressing for work can be, and should be, a whole lot of fun.

And a big thank you to Marissa Santikarn for my awesome logo!

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