Thursday, 14 June 2012

How to: casual fridays (part one - colour)

There it is, THE question on every corporate woman's lips. The black hole at the end of the week. Can I wear jeans? What if I want to go out to drinks? Will everyone think i'm boring if I suit up?

Lets face it - casual fridays are a minefield. Too casual and you are unprofessional, too formal and you are no fun. Throw in any attempt to look half presentable or, god forbid, even fashionable and you have yourself one hell of a headache.

Mmm... classy.

Many women I know have cultivated a unique collection of "friday clothes" that they have found to be appropriate and safe. And while this is one way to go, I don't think it is necessary to invest huge amounts in a wardrobe that you will really only wear one day per week.

The first thing to do when planning an outfit for a friday is take a look around you. Are you co-workers in flannies and track pants? If so, go wild. Are they all still as formal as they are Monday to Thursday? If so, i'm afraid you might need to follow suit. (pun totally intended)

But for those with a mixed bunch, I find the best way to go is play it safe. Think of yourself as dressing up, rather than down. This is doubly useful if you also intend to stop by friday night drinks.  But remember, you are still in the workplace, so the rules still apply.  Not too much leg, or arm and no cleavage. Ever.

What? You can see my bra?!

I find that the easiest way to "casual up" an otherwise fairly conservative outfit is with colour.  A bright skirt, a floral print or funky jewellery is a good place to start. The printed pants and blazers that are in stores everywhere right now seem custom made for fridays. Its about being a little bit fun - but not overdoing it.

So crack out the colour, see below for a little inspiration and just think: it's nearly the weekend already!

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  1. 'casual' Fridays sound more like avoid a faux pas Friday!