Saturday, 15 September 2012

Buy now, wear later - the take-away from NYFW

So the cool kids of the fashion world have shown their stuff at New York Fashion Week and a few key trends have emerged.  Keep in mind when buying now, whats going to be hot next year.

1. All White

2. Sheer, delicate fabrics

3. Get conservative

Hello high necklines!  Goodbye upper arms!  Ready-to-wear got decidedly conservative at NYFW this year. Maybe it's the economy, maybe it's insecurity, maybe everyone has just had too much of the Kardashians and not enough Kate Middleton, but whatever has caused it, it's a win for workers.  Staying on-trend and professional has never been easier.

4. The Digital Age continues

5. Cut-outs

6. Behold the blazer

They were everywhere! (score for the corporate fashion blogger) Get amongst it with coloured, detailed blazers that are heavily tailored to the female figure - none of this boyfriend rubbish in 2013. The new style, as we saw on the runways last week is the blazer as a uniquely feminine piece - often paired with a dress or skirt in midi-length, often very tailored and often decoratively embellished.  Always strong, and always wearable.

This was the real win for corporate women this NYFW.

7. Go mono

8. Going pant-less

It happened.  Not generally advisable for the corporate wardrobe but hey, for those willing to test the bounds of the office "casual friday" policy...

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